December 27, 2020
I hope all of you had a great Christmas!
In the past two months or so, I have learned a lot from my customers. Floristry is a labor-intensive work with some creativity and passion. The most challenging part is to find flowers in the best condition. It is not easy to find flowers in their best condition while considering design, colour and budget. Different types of flowers have different vase life. Some flowers last 3-5 days, some 5-7 days, some long lasting flowers can last 7-10 days. If flowers of different vase life are mixed together to form a bouquet, some flowers will wither first. It would be best to collect flowers with similar vase life to make a bouquet but it depends on the nature of the event.
* How to care cut flowers
It is best to change the vase water(tap water is the best) every day and recut the stems. Avoid direct sun or draft. Keep the vase in a cool area. Do not put your vase next to fruit.
I will do my best to make everyone who receives my flowers happy and enjoy their beauty for as long as possible. Please let me know if your flowers do not bloom or wither faster than you expected.
I believe in the positive effects of social media. By trying to understand and respect each other and sharing beautiful words, the world will become a better place every day.
I look forward to seeing you soon again in bright 2021!

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